Does Every House Have Mold?


These are three common questions that come up when doing mold research online. Does every house have mold? How do you know if your house has mold? How can I tell if there is mold in my house?   It would be an extreme rare case for any residential building […] Read more »

Why Do Mold Testing?

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We conduct mold tests to determine if excessive levels of mold are present for three primary reasons: Mold can be detrimental to our health particularly for persons with compromised immune systems, Some Health Risks of Mold Exposure: Headaches, skin irritation, breathing difficulties, hay fever type symptoms, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, persistent coughing […] Read more »

There May Be Mold, What Do I Do?

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The questions in our videos came directly from the internet. Many we saw were about the use of bleach, vinegar and alcohol for cleaning or killing mold. Along with bleach and vinegar the following questions will be addressed in this article: Can I remove mold myself? Can mold be scrubbed […] Read more »

How Does a Mold Test Work?

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Our company specializes in providing a preliminary assessment on the presence of mold in residential buildings. When you call or email, you will be greeted by owner Dave Frederick or one of our technicians. There will be a discussion about your concerns and an appointment for a free evaluation will […] Read more »